Bleighton is a city and metropolitan region in northern Blisland. The city is known for its abundance of natural resources such as Quartz and grapes. Bleighton is considered the 'grandfather of Blislander culture' due to its cultural impact on Blisland. Formed in the late eighteenth century, the city has maintained steady growth and continues to be the counties largest producer of grape and quartz. The city has a population of 100,214.

History Edit

Bleighton was inhabited by native populations for as many as 2,000 years. The city was influenced by both the Isikhungo and Kubanda nations, as theyre warriors and pathfinders settled South.

When the first colonists arrived, the area was known for its abundance in grapes and Quartz. The settlement remained a small outpost until it was incorporated as a city under Tommy's rule. The rich resources enabled the city to be one of the richest in the world. During the War of Revolution, the city was annexed briefly by the Franch and renamed to Bleton, the Franch variant of the name. The city was returned to Tommy's rule during a brief conflict known as the Siege of Bleton. A small Franch influence still remains to this day.

The city is home to the forerunner of the GrapeWorld corporation and the Great Harvest.

Sport Edit

The city is represented in baseball through two teams, the Bleighton Huskers and Grapers. Both teams have experienced moderate success, with the Grapers winning three Globe Season titles. Sports such as soccer and badminton are also played, but in less significant numbers.