Blisopolis Bombers

Wankee cap insignia and logo.

The Blisopolis Wankees are a professional baseball team situated in Blisopolis, Blisland that competes in the Blisland Division. The team began as the controversial Blisland Negroes in 1901, before being moved to Blisopolis in 1903 and becoming a member of the BBL. The Wankees hold the record for the most Globe Season wins and the most players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The team is the highest valued sports team in Blisland with an estimated value in the $5 billion dollar mark. The team is the most popular and most watched sporting team in Blisland, with fans including President Jay Robinson. The team is run by the BBL with its former second-baseman Bilb Ono as its president.