Fort Kude is a military and scientific settlement west of Bleighton.

Fort Kude is the largest fort and research centre in Blisland. Situated west of Bleighton, the restricted area is only accesiblee through ship and air. The area features a landing strip and several secret buildings.

Open to the public, the historical fortress Fort Kude was constructed in 1775 for use in the War of Freedom. The building was used to protect the east from Franch and native aggressors. This fortress contains a museum dedicated to Blisland military history.

Within the restricted zone, Interlabs holds its headquarters and research facility, spanning thousands of hectares under ground. This facility is co-owned by the Blisland government and is used for government and private research.

The area has a permant population of under 120 citizens.

History Edit

The area was once part of the Kude nation, a nation that inhabited the North Western peninsula of Blisland. The small area was bought by the Blisland separatists lead by Tommy, and was deforested and repurposed to make way for a fortress. The fortress was constructed and completed in 1775 during the War of Freedom and was used to fight against the Franch and for any native aggressors. The fortress was used until 1942, when a new facility and landing strip were constructed for battleships, aircraft and training soldiers. The fortress was converted into a museum in 1980. The permant population of Fort Kude is due to security personnel and high ranking officials.