Grape World

The GrapeWorld logo.

GrapeWorld is a Blislander multinational retail and industrial corporation from Bleighton, Blisland. The corporation specializes in grape retail and other miscellaneous grape goods.

The company was founded in 1962, as a conglomerate of Grape Farmers United and Bleighton Grape Stores Inc. It has over 10,000 stores across the nation and has over 500 farms in Bleighton.

The corporation is the world's largest company in terms of revenue and is the largest employer within Blisland, employing almost 2,000,000 employees. It is also one of the most valuable companies in the world, contributing heavily to the economy of Blisland (grapes are one of the nations largest exports along with quartz).

The corporation is currently listed on the Blisland Securities Exchange and has its headquarters located in Blisopolis, with its industrial offices in Bleighton.


Grape Farmers UnitedEdit

Blisland is famous for its abundance of grapes and its grape related cuisine and industry. In the early 19th century, grape workers in northern Blisland formed the Grape Farmers United company; a company whose aim was to centralise grape production and exports. The company was formally created months prior to the Great Harvest in 1829. The company was successful and allowed for all exports and collecting of grapes to be consolidated and easily tracked and exported. The company would still remain in Bleighton and contributed to the towns developement as the central grape producer in Blisland and the world.

Bleighton Grape Stores Inc.Edit

One of the companies that imported the majority of their grapes was Bleighton Grape Stores Inc., a small retail franchise within Bleighton and later northern Blisopolis. The store was founded in 1874 and was Bleighton's largest grape emporium. As the stores gained momentum, franchises were opened around the town and later in small towns of northern Blisopolis. The company imported almost 85% of its grapes, and the rest were harvested through private farms.

Merger agreementEdit

In the late 1950's, talk of a merger between the two companies arose and discussions were made. The two companies believed that by merging, revenue could be improved and a more centralised distribution of grapes could be made. In 1961, the merger was decided and officially took place in early 1962.

The company went about expanding its stores throughout Blisland and developed grape super-stores, that could cater to thousands of customers. The corporation exported its grapes to foreign buyers and became the largest grape exporter in the world.


Among its vast array of industrial machinery regarding grape production, GrapeWorld sells many grape related consumer items. Apart from purple and green grapes, GrapeWorld also sells various types of Grape Soda (an extremely popular beverage in Blisland, being South City's favourite), wine, lotions, snack bars and films.


The corporation has been heavily criticised for its rapid expansion and ruthless business tactics. The corporation was sued in 1998 under the pretences of unfair treatment of workers and unfair pay for workers around South City.